What’s up with your training?

Have I told you how much I LOVE working with athletes???

Well I have now. I LOVE working with athletes who are dedicated to their sport/sports and living life to the fullest.

Not sure you are an athlete yet?

You are reading this information RIGHT NOW and following this hard-core, bad-ass training community. I don’t have to explain what a burpee is to you and I wouldn’t be surprised if you shut your office door and bust out burpees on a regular basis.

Am I right?

There… if you had any question, you ARE an athlete. Time to act like one.

Back to these burpees… I wanted to give you a training routine that makes burpees a little more fun and a little less monotonous

Are you ready to try it? Here ya go!

If you have any other training techniques you would love to have spiced up, please let us know by emailing us your request at We will whip something up for you! 

Mental Toughness HIIT Workout


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