What does it take to complete an obstacle course race? Getting Started in OCR Series Part 1 of 12

Do you have what it takes to complete an obstacle course race? Listen here to Part 1 of our 12-Part Getting Started in Obstacle Course Racing Series to see if there is really anything to fear.

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Tough Mudder TrainingObstacle course racing started slowly for both of us. Stephanie did her first race in the fall of 2013 at a Tough Mudder in Central Florida with her friend from college while her trusty sidekick, Cozmo, hung out with the staff and other volunteers.

Steve’s first obstacle course race was the Spartan Sprint in Amesbury, Mass. with his best friend, John. All it took was one race and he was hooked!

Stephanie knew she was onto something in the couple’s fitness department with their first race together. Read more here.

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Listen to hear more about:

⚡️ If you’ve never done anything like this, you may ask yourself, “can I really do it?”

⚡️ What is it like to watch an obstacle course race?

⚡️ Do I have to complete all of the obstacles?

⚡️ The benefit of watching racing videos on YouTube.

⚡️ What to look for when hiring a coach.

⚡️ Do I have to run the whole obstacle course?

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