Want a chance to contribute to TheAthElite?

After several offers from some truly kickass athletes, we have set up a guest blog post submission link.

We see you out there… sharing valuable information via social media.

While social media is excellent for sharing, the shelf-life of a post on social media can be short as it gets buried in the news feeds.

Uploading these same nuggets of information onto a website will extend the life of your post while also giving it a home base so you can continue to refer people to your link.



Why Submit?

If you didn’t get this from our social media quotes, here at TheAthElite we value our community of warriors. Just like you, we despise the fast food version of life. You are not alone even though it feels that way at times.

We know… the learned helplessness is pervasive. TheAthElite is a resource for the brave, resourceful, and resilient.

You are passionate about being an athlete. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, you never go half way; and during the process you have no doubt picked up some favorite techniques, learned some lessons, and maybe even started coaching your favorite sport in some way.

What better way to position yourself as the expert than writing about your expertise?

If you already run a blog or website, you understand the power of creating a body of work where people can get to know more about you and any services you may offer.

If your guest blog post is selected, you have the opportunity to be featured on the TAE Website, in the TAE email lineup, and on TAE social media channels:








TheAthElite is also a top-performer on the AtContent blog sharing network. What does this mean for you? This means your post has the potential for reaching an even wider audience.

How to Submit:

Step 1: Read the guidelines.

Step 2: Use the simple upload form to submit your guest post.

Step 3: Watch for your confirmation email with your publish date.

Click here to access Submission Guidelines and Submission Form:


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