TheAthElite on NBC!


Watch for us on NBC this spring! ​

This has been pretty much THE hardest secret to keep…

Our team was selected to be on NBC’s new Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge TV Series several weeks ago, but we couldn’t announce it until we were heading out to Atlanta to compete.

We just wrapped up the filming for Season 1 where we competed against the best of the best not only in Spartan Races, but also against some of the top American Ninja Warrior Teams!

If you’ve been following me much at all, you know I’m not one for TV much less anything that resembles reality TV, so when I say this show is real deal you know I’m serious.

Watch for us, Team Charleston Warriors.

At ages 36 (me), 38 (Stephen), 39 (Elea), and 44 (Adam), we represented Charleston well. We may need longer to warm up, but we’ve still got it. Sooooo much more coming from us 4 in the next few months!

We can’t wait to see how the final editing turns out!​​


I wish you all could have been there in person. The competition was fierce and close; and the excitement, fear, and hope on the faces of the people in the audience is real.

NBC did a great job in casting people who live real lives, face real struggles, and kick butt when they can fit it into their really busy schedules.

These modern day warriors are going to inspire you and make you feel emotions you probably haven’t felt in years.

We will keep you up to date via email and you can follow TheAthElite social media channels:


I want to give a shout out to our team Elite, Orla Walsh, and our team Elite alternate, Kate Cramer. 

The teams were comprised of 4 “mortal” members;-), and producers paired us up with an Elite Spartan athlete.

We lucked out with Orla. She is the most down to earth, kind, and team-oriented badass we’ve ever met.

Check out Orla’s – ER Nurse and Ski Patrol by week, Elite Spartan Racer by weekend – #WhyIRace story here and make sure you follow her on Facebook, Twitter, andInstagram.

Oh and did I mention she is hilarious!?


We also lucked out by getting to hang out with and strategize with Kate Cramer too! Kate was flown in as an alternate Elite just in case an elite was injured and couldn’t compete.

I can’t tell you if Kate competed or not, but I can tell you Kate kicks some serious ass. Stephen and I first met Kate at the Spartan SGX Coaching certification program just minutes after she won the Spartan Fenway Sprint Elite Heat.

We will have more updates as we get closer to airing time this spring. I just wanted to take the time to give you an update and to say thank you all so much for the kind words and generous support.


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