TheAthElite on American Ninja Warrior

Steve and Steph weren’t expecting the call from the American Ninja Warrior producers since they’ve been filming for weeks now, but they got it and so they are training as much as they can before the May 23rd filming in Denver. For those of you who know them, you also know they are pretty muscular people by nature. Muscle is awesome, but it is also HEAVY, which is not an advantage when trying to climb, jump, and bounce your way across a ninja course.

Maybe NBC thought they would be good ninjas because they were on Season 1 of NBC’s Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge as the Charleston Warriors?

Maybe they loved the backstory of Stephen’s military career?

Maybe they were intrigued by Stephanie’s crazy career path?

Or maybe they loved the work Steve and Steph have been doing as TheAthElite and OCR Radio in the obstacle course racing world?

Whatever the reason, this is a once in a lifetime chance, and they will train their hardest for whatever that course may bring.

If you are in Denver, CO on May 23rd and would like to attend as an audience member, email us at and we will get you added to the list of audience members.

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