OCR Radio 04: Navigating Injuries, Off-Season & Post-Race Blues

As an athlete, you have most likely sustained an injury. As an obstacle course racing athlete, you have probably sustained more than the average athlete. We are pretty familiar with the recommendations our doctors give us when we sustain an injury, but what about the psychological aspects of an injury?

Another topic seldom covered, but oh so relevant is post-race and/or off-season blues. Have you ever worked so hard for something only to feel even worse after you have finally accomplished your goal?

Quote of the show… “Do the weird shit.”

Take a listen to this episode where Dawn Lanaville covers the following topics:

⚡️How to mentally navigate an injury, and off-season or post-race blues.

⚡️First I want to talk about injuries. I think we are far more familiar with the physical piece of recovering from an injury than we are the mental/emotional side of it.

⚡️What are some of the challenges we face from a psychological standpoint when recovering from an injury?

⚡️What advice would you give to an athlete who is recovering? How can we turn this, “oh shit” into a blessing?

⚡️Let’s move on to off-season or post-race blues. I read a post right after the Spartan World Championships where a woman was questioning why she felt sooooooo blah after the race when she felt like she should be feeling on top of the world. Several other people chimed in saying the same thing and questioned if they were coming down with something. And others said they kind of waivered between anxious and depressed. Could you talk about why this happens? Initial thoughts are a lack of an immediate goal to fixate on, possible burnout due to high training intensity prior to the race, actual illness due to our immune systems taking a hit from the extreme exertion, etc.

⚡️What are some things we can do to get back on track, start feeling better or at least feel better about the time we are taking off?

⚡️Link to Athletes with Eating Disorders Podcast Episode.

⚡️How can someone find more information about you?



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