OCR Radio 07: OCR Training in San Diego with Nicole Kifer

Nicole Kifer has been a certified personal trainer since 2007 (NASM). In her 10 years in the fitness industry, she has also extended her knowledge by getting certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Consultant, Spartan SGX Coach, Heart Rate Performance, and Reactive Training Specialist.

Quote of the show… “Once I did my first Spartan Race, I realized it wasn’t about the running as much as it was about teamwork and overcoming obstacles.”

Take a listen to this episode where Nicole covers the following topics:

⚡️ How to get started in obstacle course racing.

⚡️ Nutrition basics for obstacle course racing.

⚡️ Racing techniques especially for the non-runners.

⚡️ What’s the difference between racing Spartan Open versus Spartan Elite.

⚡️ Where to train for OCR in the San Diego area.

⚡️ How can the listeners find more information about you and your obstacle course race training facility?





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