OCR Radio 06: Kettlebells for OCR Training with Charleston Kettlebell Club’s Mike & Brett

Mike and Brett are the go-to guys for kettlebell training in Charleston. I had the pleasure of attending their training facility when I lived there, and thought they would be perfect guests to talk about the benefits of kettlebell training for obstacle course racing athletes.

Quote of the show… “Quality movement trumps everything.”

Take a listen to this episode where Mike and Brett cover the following topics:

⚡️ How is kettlebell training helpful for obstacle course race training?

⚡️ What are some of the most common mistakes you see when someone is getting started with kettlebells?

⚡️ How can kettlebell training help running?

⚡️ Which certifications are the best? Strong First

⚡️ How can the listeners find more information about you and your KB specific training facility?





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