OCR Radio 05: How to Optimize Your Body’s Potential

Julie’s athletic experience extended all the way to playing professional volleyball in Spain prior to a career-ending injury and doctor’s orders of stop everything you are doing if you don’t want to be in constant pain. That’s a tough pill to swallow for any athlete and as a 23 year old professional athlete, Julie wasn’t willing to give it all up. So, what did she do? She started learning as much as she could about the human body, corrective techniques, proper movement principles, and everything in between.

Quote of the show… “You can’t just tell someone to not do something when this is their entire life.”

Julie Pitois is the founder of Pro To Col Sports Systems here in San Diego. Julie is a Certified Orthopedic Manual Integrative Therapist, Certified British Sports Therapist, Active Isolated Stretch Certified, Rocktape Certified, SFMA Level 1 & 2 Certified. Listen to how Julie’s personal pain lead her to her profession and how you can benefit from learning how to walk, stand, and sit properly so you don’t end up side-lined due to a preventable injury.

Julie has assembled an entire team to ensure you receive the best possible care. The Pro To Col Sports System team specializes in performance enhancement, functional movement, strength and conditioning, postural assessment, injury reduction, orthopedic manual therapy, massage therapy, active isolated stretching and medical cupping.

Take a listen to this episode where Julie Pitois covers the following topics:

⚡️ Are you tired of your health professionals fighting over who is right while you are sitting on the side-lines still injured?

⚡️ Have you been trying to fix yourself through google searches?

⚡️ Have you ever been told you are quad dominant? Do you know how to actually activate your glutes?

⚡️ Pain is NOT just weakness leaving your body… Did you know pain alters your motor control? This is what leads to injury.

⚡️ Can you hang??? Julie covers shoulder stabilization… CRITICAL for obstacle course racers.

⚡️ Gain strength instantly with proper muscle activation.

⚡️ Podcast referenced in episode: How to Get Stronger at Pull-Ups

⚡️How can someone find more information about you?




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