OCR Radio 03: Running Form for Obstacle Course Racers

Learn this technique ONE TIME and move better for the rest of your life.

David Weck is the inventor of the BOSU Ball. You know… that blue half-dome you see EVERYWHERE and probably even own yourself. David has gone on to invent other game-changing pieces of equipment and has been studying running technique in a way most of us study our social media. A lot.

I had the honor and privilege of being interviewed at the same time as David on the local ESPN bosu ballRadio show, Live Well San Diego. I just had to see if he would share his knowledge of running with the listeners of the Stop Chasing Skinny Podcast. Listen to this week’s episode on the topic of the Weck Method. Very few guests have left me speechless, but I was so blown away by all of the valuable information David shared with us, all I could say was, WOW! It’s that good.

Quote of the show… “Head over foot is the #1 cue that reigns supreme and if you don’t do it, you aren’t running your best.”

Take a listen to this episode where David Weck covers the following topics:

⚡️We place a lot of time, attention, and focus on training plans that include times, distances, intensities, and intervals. After talking to you, I’m seeing that we are really missing the bigger picture by only focusing on these aspects. Can you talk to us about form?

⚡️You are the inventor of that amazing blue half dome called the BOSU Ball (which I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t used one). Where did this invention originate?

⚡️What else do you have available for us to train and warm-up with? After our interview on the local ESPN Radio station, I saw one of your Weck Method RMT Clubs in the gym. Can you tell us about this and how obstacle course racers who do things like swing from monkey bars and ropes may benefit?

⚡️Can you tell us about the running clinics you have coming up here in San Diego and any other training opportunities your company offers?



Upcoming WeckMethod Running Clinic in San Diego:

ESPN Radio Interview with David Weck (audio):

San Diego Runners

ESPN Radio Interview with David Weck (video):

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