OCR Radio 02: The Secret to Mastering the Monkey Bars and All Other Hanging Obstacles

Sarah Duvall: Physical Therapist: Personal Trainer

An adventure sports athlete at heart, Sarah takes functional training to a whole new level. With over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness field, as well as a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Sarah knows what it takes to overcome injuries. In her unique approach to treating patients, she believes in teaching. Fully understand every aspect of the injury is a necessity to complete healing. When she is not hanging off the side of a mountain, Sarah enjoys writing and presenting at and figuring out how her patients can continue to pursue their dreams and lead an adventurous life full of confidence and injury free.

Quote of the show… “Loosen up that grip and you will last longer.”

Take a listen to this episode where Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall covers the following topics:

⚡️First, let’s start with talking about your extensive background in physical therapy and helping patients fix themselves then we can get into how people should be training and performing so they don’t end up needing to see you for repairs. 

⚡️What are the common mistakes you see people making when they are trying to perform tasks such as pull-ups or swinging from monkey bars?

⚡️What is the best way to train for this type of movement? 

⚡️Are there specific warm up exercises you recommend? 

⚡️Not really, so you may want to take out this question. 

⚡️What if someone is completely new to overhead movements? Where should they start?

⚡️Who is most likely to injure themselves?

⚡️As someone progresses, what are some intermediate exercises that will build strength? Many of us tend to purely go for high volume training, AKA more reps. More isn’t always better, right?

⚡️Where can the listener find more information from you?

Pelvic Floor Podcast Interview:





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