OCR Radio 01: NBC Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge Behind the Scenes

You may have seen the show, but did you hear the behind the scenes stories during filming? We raced as the Charleston Warriors in Season 1 and we lived to tell about it, so Elea came onto OCR Radio to share more about her race experience on that freezing cold day in December.

This was unlike any other experience and per usual, we had a blast doing it. Some people may even call it funishment.

Quote of the show… “As a kid, I always got in trouble for ripping my pants.”

Take a listen to this episode where Elea Faucheron covers the following topics:

⚡️What to expect during the filming of the Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.

⚡️How the Charleston Warriors OCR team was formed.

⚡️End of season injuries.

⚡️How we trained for the Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.

⚡️Only 10-12 days of notice on wearing just a sports bra and spandex shorts to race in December… under barb wire… jumping into a lake…

⚡️How cold was that dunk wall?

⚡️The connection between entrepreneurship and sports.

⚡️Burnout symptoms and how Elea overcame burnout.

⚡️Link to From Surviving to Thriving After Burnout Interview

⚡️How can someone find more information about you?



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