Meet Your OCR Radio Hosts

San Diego Obstacle Course TrainingSteve and Steph are all too familiar with trying to juggle sport and life. Steve, an active duty Chief in the U.S. Coast Guard, spends over 200 days each year traveling all across the country; and prior to jumping on the treadmill of entrepreneurship, Stephanie spent over a decade deploying and working shift work before finding herself chained to her computer in her office cubicle and commuting over 2.5 hours in Jersey traffic every day.

Time has always been a precious commodity, and creativity has always a requirement for these two. Listening to podcasts has proven to be the most time-effective way to learn for them. Now they have created a podcast they wish they had listened to when first getting started in obstacle course races. Maybe Stephanie wouldn’t have shown up in old running shoes for her first race, the Spartan Race at Wintergreen, VA.

Meet Coach Steve Siraco

Steve Siraco

Steve has over 17 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, and continues to serve on active duty as a Chief Maritime Enforcement Specialist. Steve has also served as the Physical Fitness Coordinator at the Maritime Enforcement Specialist “A” School where he was responsible for training future Petty Officers before sending them back to the fleet.

Steve’s athletic background prior to OCR includes football, swimming, CrossFit, and general fitness. OCR has proven to be the perfect blend of endurance and strength for this 5’10”, 210 lbs. athlete.

With experience as a Spartan SGX Coach, CrossFit Level 1 Coach, CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting Instructor, CrossFit Kettle Bell Instructor, W.I.T.S. Personal Trainer, HISST Coach, and SKF Men’s Coach, Steve brings a lot of knowledge to this show. Click here to read Steve’s full bio.

Meet Coach Stephanie Siraco

Stephanie SiracoStephanie is not new to the competitive sports world. Her athletic background includes running, swimming, water polo, triathlon, duathlon, physique competitions, and since 2014, obstacle course races. Stephanie has also spent the past decade training and coaching physique athletes, SnakePitUSA athletes, and obstacles course racers.

Her signature coaching style is rooted in her background as a U.S. Navy Nuclear Engineer where she served on active duty for 6 years before exploring defense contracting as a software systems engineer. Since 2012, Stephanie has been “engineering” fitness for her clients and creating systems in her entrepreneurial endeavors. Click here to read Stephanie’s full bio and resume.

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