Couples Fitness Spartan Training

My boyfriend, Stephen (Steve to guys;-), and I love doing Spartan Races together which means we also love training for them together!

Want to know HOW TO TRAIN for a Spartan Race? Check out our unconventional training we come up with in the gym.

Getting Over the Walls

We give our triceps extra work since they are what propel us over all those walls!

Below, you will see how we performed a super set of tipcep pressdowns with the straight bar and then moved into pressdowns using the rope. Our sets/reps looked like this:

Tricep Pressdown with Straight Bar: 3 x 10 narrow, 10 wide, 10 narrow

Tricep Pressdown with Rope: 3 x 20 (light weight to failure)

Rest: 45 seconds

Spartan Training

Spartan Training

Spartan Training

Spartan Training

Spartan Training

Spartan Training

Spartan Training


Lower Body Strength

This sport really challenges your lower body and back so we tend to do a lot of work with barbells and kettle bells. Luckily both of us have very strong lower bodies! Ladies who have strong lower bodies, this is a huge advantage for you.

Spartan Training

Spartan Training


Pulling and Pushing

As you saw in the video above, we do a lot of work with pulling and pushing. Many of the obstacles require this pushing/pulling motion so we have found creative ways to train!


Spartan Training

Spartan Training

Post Workout Nutrition

This could possibly your most important meal of the entire day!

What is in a great post workout meal? Simple carbs within the first 30 minutes and protein within the first hour. Our post workout go-to looks like this:

2 scoops IsaLean Shake

1/4 c. frozen blue berries

1/2 banana

2 large frozen strawberries


Mix and enjoy!


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