Charleston Oblique Magazine Feature on TAE’s Coach, Steve Siraco

Charleston OCRCheck out TheAthElite’s OCR coach, Steve Siraco, in this issue of Charleston Oblique Magazine! Coach Siraco has spent the past 13 years serving in the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) and he shared his story of the role fitness plays in his day to day job.

While he isn’t currently chasing down drug smugglers or Somali pirates, he is making a positive impact on the USCG’s law enforcement training community.




Charleston Coast Guard


When you think of the Coast Guard, you most likely envision a boarding team conducting a safety inspection or maybe rescuing a stranded fisher- man at sea. What many don’t know is the Coast Guard has been directly involved in every major conflict in our nation’s history since 1790. In addition to supporting war efforts, the Coast Guard is the lead federal agency for maritime drug interdiction and also is responsible for protecting 361 ports and 95,000 miles of coastline – not bad for a service that is smaller than the New York City police department!

Can you imagine how fitness plays a role in the ability of U.S. Coast Guardsmen (USCG) to perform their duties? Did you know the USCG trains its members for some of these missions right here in Charleston?

We were able to sit down with Chief Maritime Enforcement Specialist Stephen Siraco and ask him to share what fitness means to him both personally and professionally. We also asked him to give us some insight into what it really takes to take down drug runners and pirates in places like the Caribbean and Somalia.

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