Best Headlamp for Obstacle Course Races

If you have ever raced in the dark, you know how important a high-quality headlamp is to the success of your race. It could be the difference between winning or not winning, or it could be the difference between finishing and not finishing. We have been asked for recommendations for headlamps before, but until now, we hadn’t found one that was “the best” one. We were introduced to the Wisdom Miner’s Cap Lamp (yes, miner as in works underground in complete darkness), and wanted to talk about why we think it is the best headlamp for a Hurricane Heat, Agoge, World’s Toughest Mudder, Ultra Beast, hiking, and any other ultra-endurance event where you will need to have a light just so you can continue the race.

What defines a great headlamp?

Four things come to mind immediately:

  1. Brightness
  2. Battery Life
  3. Water-Proof
  4. Ruggedness


Brightness in headlamps is measured in lumens. If you have ever shopped for a headlamp, you may have noticed this measurement on the packaging. Lumens are a measure of power. It is the total quality of light the lamp emits in all directions. The Wisdom Miner’s Cap Lamp has three levels of brightness. These levels are 50Lm for the low setting, 265Lm for the medium setting, and 533Lm for the high setting. I don’t know about you, but this is the first time I have seen a lamp that goes up to 533Lm.

While brightness is one aspect of how well a lamp will show you the way, there is also the focus of the lamp. The Wisdom 4A incorporates a triple LED array that features a bright, main spotlight, but also two smaller LED’s that create a “halo” of light around the perimeter for peripheral lighting. The Wisdom Miner’s Cap Lamp also comes with three lenses. Whether you have the spotlight or the floodlight shining, there is also an SOS feature. Just hold the ON button for three seconds and the lamp will start flashing the SOS signal if you find yourself in trouble.

Battery Life

It doesn’t matter how great your lamp is if your battery is dead. The Wisdom Miner’s Cap Lamp has a battery life of up to 60 hours if on low light, 13 hours if on medium light, and 5 hours if on the high setting. The other highly versatile feature of this lamp is that in addition to using a regular 110-volt outlet to charge your battery using the USB adaptor, you can charge the lamp using any standard USB outlet like those found in your vehicle or computer. The battery in the lamp can also be used as a power supply to recharge your cell phone, tablet, GPS, or any other USB powered device.


The Wisdom Miner’s 4A Cap Lamp is IP68 certified waterproof up to 20 meters. (Tests have shown this lamp remains waterproof as deep as 50 meters as well!).


As mentioned, the Wisdom 4A lamp was initially designed for rigorous use in underground, hard-rock mining so it is built to withstand extreme environments. The sealed, one-piece lamp can easily withstand being dropped, struck, even being run over by an automobile.

Additional Features

There are so many cool features to this lamp. Some of our other favorites are the bike mount, the top strap for added stability, and the comfortable head strap. Although I’m pretty sure everything else in your body is going to be distracting from the head strap if you are mucking your way through a race that is grueling enough to warrant such a lamp.

We are also avid hikers. We have hiked several trails that require a nighttime start such as Mount Whitney and Cactus to Clouds. Having a bright light that can weather the elements and stay charged are not just the difference between winning/losing or finishing/not finishing. It can be a matter of life or death. Getting sidelined due to a lack of light could result in being stuck in the desert or on the top of a mountain during a storm. Neither one of those experiences is on our list of desired adventures.

Happy racing out there!

How to Order

Call or email! Yes, you can order directly from Joe. He is knowledgeable about this product and can answer any questions you may have. His email address is and his phone number is 1-800-456-1164. If you call or email Joe, use the code ENDURANCE to receive a 20% discount! ($127.99+freight).

Pictured in this blog post is the Wisdom 4A full suit It is not listed on the website, but is for sale on Ebay for $159.99

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