Athletes don’t diet…

“Athletes don’t diet” is true… unless you are a competitive fitness athlete and then you are looking at a large (VERY large) part of the sport hinging on dieting…

I seriously call it “the sport of dieting” because the nutrition plays such a HUGE role in how the athlete shows up for a competition. 

If you didn’t already know, I spent nearly a decade playing and coaching this sport and playing quite well… placing Top 3, Top 5, and Top 10 at large international shows including the WBFF World Championships a few times. 

WBFF Athlete Stephanie Keenan
You see, when you are dieting like that, your strength can take a hit due to the high demands placed on the body, the depletion of nutrients, and the “tricks” required to get that super lean look for the competition stage (which totally adds way more weight than any camera could ever imagine adding… you know that old saying of, “the camera adds 10 pounds”).Those were some super fun days but I decided a few years ago that I wanted to BE as strong as I LOOKED. 

Back to this nutrition point… As athletes, we know the importance of FUELING and RECOVERY.

You know that, right? Well if you don’t, read on…

Without these 2 main ingredients, we will never get any stronger. 

Imagine it like this for a second… You are trying to re-build a house and you invite a construction crew to help you. 

Day by day you see them removing the weak boards and building materials and then replacing them with new, stronger materials. In then end, this house will be constructed in a way that it is stable and sturdy from the inside out. 

Now imagine if this crew just removed the old materials, then removed some more. They finally get to a point where they have no choice but to grab whatever they have lying around just to shore up the sagging structure. 

That is what is happening in our bodies when we train long and hard without fueling for repair. (This can also happen at lower intensities.)

Eventually our bodies start patching up the damages we have done during training with shoddy materials. Our structures start to “sag” and “decay”, but the difference here is that we don’t see a sagging roof or boards falling off.

What shows up in our bodies is overuse injuries, chronic illnesses, lack of motivation, and many times weight gain.

So how do we fuel our bodies for optimal performance?

First, we think of food as fuel… as fueling the repair of the damaged muscles.

THAT IS WHAT WORKING OUT DOES… it causes micro-tears in our muscles and the way we get stronger is by those microscopic injuries repairing themselves. 

In order to make the repairs, we need to provide the building blocks… AKA nutrients.

Ok, now that you have a better understanding of why it is so important to FUEL for the training you have done, start thinking of the changes you can make to better fuel your machine.

Do you have a favorite post-workout recipe? Email us at to share it with us. We will feature it on our website!

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