Are you a people pleaser?

Hey again!

Do you remember when we said we were dedicated to inspiring your inner “Natural Born Killer”?

Well if you are a people pleaser, you are holding yourself back in a really big way.

What do I mean? I mean that even well-meaning people can be intentionally and/or unconsciously holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Why is this? Because some people can’t help but project their own fears and insecurities onto others. Onto YOU.

Sure, your thriving, shining, and excelling will inspire many but it will also frighten many… if you go and change, that can be scary… what if you outgrow them? And leave them?

You know this isn’t your intention but it can be a very real fear for someone who is comfortable chilling out right where they are in life.

What does this scenario look like???

It can look like friends pressuring you into joining them for happy hours (yes, multiple because letting loose with friends can be a ton of fun… just not most nights of the week) when you would rather spend time working on your dreams and goals.

It can look like backhanded compliments and digs about your lifestyle choices.

It can look and feel like guilt and disappointment. 

And it can so so far as emotional abuse if not identified and dealt with. No, I am not exaggerating here and you will see what I mean at a later date…

For those of us who care about our friends and family members, this type of jealousy can cause us to hold back and even stop us in our tracks. 

How? Why?

Because we don’t want these people to take their love away from us, so we dim our lights. We explain ourselves. We shrink. 

Have you experienced this? We would love to hear how YOU face this invisible yet very real obstacle. Email us at and let us know. We will keep your identity anonymous but we would love to share your words of wisdom with our community.

You know how lonely it can feel when you are surrounded by people you love and who love you but who still hold you down with the chains of expectations.



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