The Next Evolution in Athletic Conditioning

There is no time to lose or hesitate.

NOW is the moment to seize your opportunity at greatness.

These programs are guaranteed to burn fat by supercharging your metabolism while building explosive strength and power for performance far beyond what most trainers consider “optimum”.

 Coaches Stephen and Stephanie Siraco

Stephen has a long and varied history of coaching and competing to includeSpartan SGX Coach, CrossFit Level 1 Coach, CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting Instructor, CrossFit Kettle Bell Instructor, W.I.T.S. Personal Trainer, HISST Coach, and SKF Men’s Coach. He has competed in over 50 obstacle course races, on Broken Skull Challenge, on American Ninja Warrior, in NBC’s Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge, and in numerous CrossFit competitions. His 18+ years of military training is also seen in his coaching style.

While Stephanie isn’t new to training champions by any means, she has finally decided to immerse herself into the arena of elite athletic training.

She is renowned for her High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) “Rock-It” programs affectionately nick-named after her military “rocket-scientist” background. Stephanie prides herself on making a difference in people’s lives whether it’s a competitive athlete reaching for elite levels or a busy mom short on time and in need of a quick and effective routine. She has helped hundreds of clients and thousands of fans reach their goals through sharing these quick, ultra-effective routines.

Her approach to training is simple and it’s not sugar coated: “If you want this, you have to Rock it! There is no time to lose or hesitate, NOW is the moment to seize your opportunity at greatness! You either do it or you don’t… Just talking about it or analyzing and planning it won’t get you anywhere!”


Stephen and Stephanie aim their intense focus on leading athletic competitors of all levels and ages to their extreme potential with their specialized sport specific programs blended with their proven and highly acclaimed High Intensity Interval Training. These programs are guaranteed to burn fat by supercharging your metabolism while building explosive strength and power for performance far beyond what most trainers consider “optimum.”

TheAthElite on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge

TheAthElite on NBC’s Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge

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